Synthetic Turf – What to expect after the crew leaves.

Ever wonder the morning after the crew has left, and the sales person is long gone, “what now?” Your dog named Dessa just did her business this morning, and now you’re laying down rolling around enjoying the night breeze. Ewww!!! Believe me, I’ve seen it too many times.

Sometime later in life you wonder, “Does this fake grass, which cost almost as much as the new car out front, ever need to be serviced?” You do some research and realize its been long over due. The sales person never told you that you could or needed to clean it, and now the turf maintenance guy (me) has to come out and do damage control. At this point its been 5 years, and the only “cleaning” the turf has had is from the melted ice left in the coolers you emptied after the football games, and the 4 days of rain we get each year in southern California.

Your service tech shows up and seems optimistic. “This looks pretty good,” he says, “I need to take a closer look, but I think it just needs a little TLC”. After about 15 minutes of examination your tech lays down the news and says he needs to spend 3-4 hours cleaning, seaming, trimming, brushing, fixing sink holes, and patching in some areas which have been damaged. “Damaged you say?” Then you start to think about the several parties you’ve had when Uncle Harry drank to much thinking he was 22 again, the 100’s of neighborhood parties you had, and the one time Timmy the four year old decided to spray all the kids with mustard, and you say to yourself, ” Wow, I’m surprised its lasted this long.” One thing you do know for sure is that Uncle Harry is no longer allowed over, and Timmy cost you $500 dollars in service fees, but the good thing is it’s all fixable.

It’s impossible for me to give you all the valuable information your looking for in a short article, and it would be awkward having to explain to your boss why you took an extra 45 minutes at lunch to cover all aspects of synthetic turf in this post. In the next article we will cover your general DIY maintenance tips, how often you should have your turf professionally serviced and what you can expect at that time, as well as a few things you might want to start thinking about doing before you start rolling around on your turf on that nice summer night.


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